Each one of the images on this site has a story behind it , and  for 8 years now I have been speaking at corporate events, idea festivals, universities and schools about my experiences. I weave stories from behind the scenes on major BBC landmark series such as Planet Earth and Frozen Planet with personal anecdotes and insights into the natural world from 15 years of experience . My presentations are tailored to specific audience and are always rich in multimedia experience. I am very happy to offer professional advice and insight to aspiring wildlife film makers and school leavers.

Some links and feedback related to talking events below


E.G conference , Monterey , California 

It may be the best-kept secret in the world of conferencing and unlike any other gathering you’ve been to. But those who come know that EG is the touchstone for innovators in just about every imaginable field, and each year, the conference is simply unforgettable. The people who attend EG are makers and doers of extraordinary things. They are breakers of boundaries and explorers of frontiers and busters of myths. They are inventors and educators, artists and designers, writers and thinkers, scientists and engineers, musicians, magicians, the young and old, the famous and the undiscovered, full of wonder, curiosity, and surprises.

Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Or on a clock. Or when you pay for it. It’s a collective opportunity, and there’s no substitute for being immersed with the best. More intimate, more concentrated, more consistently surprising than any other gathering we know of, and definitely not stuck in any narrow industrial rut, EG explores the new and the different by engaging a remarkable mix of people. It is a place to find something priceless: your next great idea.

Come to Monterey for EG.

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The Artists Club

The Club was delighted to host a memorable  lunch on 5th March 2013 at which the BBC cameraman, Jeff Wilson,  presented a really fascinating insight in to his  work and life associated with the wild-life documentaries for which the BBC is so well respected.Jeff brought to life his love of nature and wild-life , though not necessarily the penguin colonies of the Antarctica who were the most dreadful creatures on the planet , especially after living and shooting with them for almost 6 months.

Hurricane winds and solitude were clearly shown in order to bring to the TV viewer  the dangers and patience essential for such vivid pictures of our planet.

Grizzly bears, white leopards  and enlightening photography made for a really enthralling lunchtime which none present will forget.

Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Brilliant presentation; really entertaining...you must be on everyone's dinner party list! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. It's lovely to hear about an amazing vocation. You touched on the non-glamour side; the dangerous habitat was mentioned and you have my utmost respect for doing what you do. The expertise and skill surrounding such trips are extraordinary enough. The preparation and courage abounding are obvious and congratulations to you and your team for the incredible work that you do.

4 years to take 8 hours air-time speaks for itself. It must be wonderful to share such stories amongst a spellbound audience. Naturally, by the very nature of your operation, you do at least retain such fantastic memories with the help of the imagery and recordings involved!

I hope you come back and talk to us again.............maybe about the Grizzly Bears next time; I look forward to that series, too.



Dixie Grammar School

`"The School was spellbound by Jeff’s presentation. His photographs and film clips, not just of the snow leopards, were breathtaking and he gave the students a real insight into how long wildlife documentaries take to film and the patience required by all involved. Jeff also held a question and answer session with our Year 6 students which proved to be very lively and then met up with our A-level students studying biology"


John James, Head of Studies, ex Harrow, now Canford School. I have spoken at both

"Jeff has been an immensely popular speaker at Canford and Harrow Schools.  Students from 14 to 18 have been enthralled, entertained and inspired by his quiet humour and enthusiasm.  He is relaxed and informal but communicates a serious message about the need to conserve the habitats of endangered species.. He spoke recently at a festival called Song of the Earth, celebrating different aspect of humankind’s relationship with nature.  Many students still talk about his contribution and, most importantly, his natural style and love of his subject inspired many to a new understanding of the urgent need for new generations to value the wild and its inhabitants."